Signiatec offer totems for external and internal use. Our external totems are extremely robust and carry a ten year structural guarantee. The internal system offers options including a fixed profile, as well as a snap profile. From these we can accommodate all manner of manufacturing designs on the panels, we can also offer illumination from our LED light products or other means. Variable message signs can also be incorporated into the design or supplied as standard stand alone items.

External Monoliths (Totems) Standard external monolith Bespoke Monoliths (Totems) Bespoke internally illuminated external monolith
Standard Internal Monoliths (Totems) Standard internal monolith

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Signiatec offer a wide variety of Monoliths sign systems. Signs can be manufactured from a range of materials and are available in several colours and styles. Braille messages can also be incorporated onto the systems when required.

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